About Us

Al Howail Group is Family Partnership business enterprise established by Mr. Mamdouh Aziz Al Howail and since then it has diversified into eleven divisions.
The Group is under the direct supervision of Mr. Mamdouh Aziz Al Howail (Managing Partner), which is assisted by Mr. Mohammed Al Subaie (General Manager), Mr. Mansour M Al Subaie (Assistant Manager) and Mr. Tariq Al Howail (Deputy General Manager).   It has been on steady growth since its inception. The total assets and aggregate income had been on the rise.   The company has more than 500 employees of multi nationalities. The administrative staff supporting the Management Team is of different nationalities with expertise in their line of work. Most of those in Management and Finance are degree holders, some having Masteral Degree in their chosen field or are Certified Public Accountants by their respective governments. Each divisions is separately accounted for its Profit & Losses and under one of the partner or GM’s direct supervision.   The Management also established special internal auditing office Headed by CPA to oversea the overall financial activities of its branches and the control of stock movement and bank reconciliation etc.